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Announcement :: Indymedia


The Richmond Independent Media Center website has served as an online news outlet for Virginia since the end of 1999. And now we’re putting the site on pause by turning off open publishing until we can fix the tech problems that have plagued us.

Overcoming our technical challenges is not the only need. For Richmond Indymedia to continue being a passionate media-driven vehicle for progressive social change it needs a core collective of volunteers dedicated to maintaining the site editorially and technically.

If you’re interested in reinvigorating Indymedia in Virginia, write us at editors@richmondindymedia.org. The responses we receive will help us gauge how needed this project is and thus how much work we should put into it.

We’re dedicated to keeping this site up even with publishing turned off so that at least the unique and often exclusive news stories it has carried over the years remain available for all to remember, learn from, and be inspired by. Check out our old features (linked at the bottom of this page) going as far back as April 2001 when we upgraded the site, if you’d like a taste or memory of what an open-publishing news site can be when it’s not all spammed out and under-utilized.


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Richmonders stand against ICE raid

A protest was held on Friday to oppose recent ICE raids that targeted workers in downtown Richmond.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

ICE rounds up workers in Richmond

Thirty three people were detained during an ICE sweep Wednesday in downtown Richmond.

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Announcement :: Indymedia

Brad WIll Video Showing Thursday, March 20th

What: Brad Will video from Brazil and Argentina Fundraiser
Where: The Flying Brick Library, 506 S Pine St, Oregon Hill, Richmond
When: 6pm Dinner and 7pm Video
Contact: Jenny at 804-349-6146 or jenny (at) riseup.net

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Announcement :: Peace & War

March 19th Vigil and Forum Mark 5th Year of Iraq War

On March 19th the Virginia Anti-War Network (VAWN) will sponsor a Vigil and Forum. The theme will be: "Bring the Troops Home Now! Money for Jobs and Education, not for Wars and Occupations"

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education

William and Mary Organizes - Audio program

A few weeks ago, President Nichol, of the College of William and Mary, was fired. It was largely based on political controversy, in part over his support of the right to host the Sex Workers Art Show. He was a progressive leader of the university and the daily student protests of hundreds and over a thousand people sparked much broader concerns about participatory democracy and who has control over our education system. The students? the teachers? Or the same old-money white men and capitalist business interests that run just about anything else?

Listen to the audio program documenting community response and discontent.

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News :: Protest Activity

Activists Disrupt Supreme Court Demanding Trials for Guantanamo Detainees

Eighty-two people, including three Virginia activists, were arrested on Friday, Jan11th, protesting in and aroud the Supreme court. Over 300 people joined the 2nd annual protest that went from the national Mall to the Spreme Court in Washington, DC.

Listen to WSQT Guerrilla Radio coverage | witnesstorture.org

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News :: Environment

Massive Uranium mine planned in Chatham, VA

Uranium mining has been illegal in Virginia for years, but with growing interest in nuclear power as a phoney alternative to coal, mining companies will try to change that law this year.

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News :: Environment : Protest Activity

No Coal for Christmas: Tell Bank of America, “Divest from Coal. Invest in Clean Energy.?

Activists with Blue Ridge Earth First! (BREF)and VCU SDS (VCU Students for a Democratic Society) gathered at noon Tuesday inside the Bank of America branch on the downtown mall in Charlottesville to tell bank management “Divest from Coal. Invest in Clean Energy.? As carolers sang coal-themed versions of Christmas classics such as I’m Having Nightmares of a Coal Christmas to the tune of I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas, Santa delivered a sack of coal to the bank, checking off the naughtiest corporation on his list.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Solidarity Runs Deep at People of Color Caucus

Grassroots activists gathered to share stories and promote solidarity at People of Color Caucus last Saturday.

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News :: Protest Activity

Giant Puppets at SOA

Activists from VA joined thousands at annual protest against the School Of Americas in Columbus, GA. Members of Little Flower CW in Louisa VA, Jennifer Conner from Charlottes VA & Members of Shannon Farms in Nelson VA participated in the giant puppet show.

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News :: Prisons

Citizens of Richmond Seek Justice for Prisoners

The United States has the largest prison population in the world, with more than 2 million Americans serving time behind bars, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

Richmond citizens of all ages and colors gathered in Monroe Park last Saturday afternoon to raise awareness of this fact, and bring attention to the many racial and economic disparities that they say plague the criminal justice system.

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