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Harrisonburg May Day Free Fair brings crowds

On Sunday, May 1st, the Rising Up Collective, a local anti-authoritarian group, organized a May Day Free Fair in Harrisonburg, Virginia, bringing together an estimated 100-150 people.

A banner hung along N. Main Street announced the May Day Free Fair, which was held on the Our Community Place Lawn across from the Little Grill co-op restaurant. Organizers and participants brought heaps of donated clothes, books, appliances, CDs, toys, and food-- homemade and dumpstered-- all of which were given out for free. As people perused the fare, a bluegrass band from Blacksburg played music, Harrisonburg Copwatch gave a Know Your Rights training, and Rising Up organizers presented a skit, and later a teach-in, on the history and meaning of May Day. Members of Harrisonburg's large latino immigrant community told about the yearly May Day demonstrations in their home countries.

The Free Fair went from 11am to 3pm, during which an estimated 100-150 people, including immigrants, students, workers, homeless people, young and old, came and enjoyed a day off work to give and receive for free.


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