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Elderly Couple Detained in Virginia -- Action Needed

My uncle and aunt, Gokal and Shiela Kapoor, got taken away by Homeland Security last week, and have since been locked away in the Pamunkey Detention Center in Virginia, and I need your help.

This is a disaster. Detention is a black hole - it's like talking to a crazy person. Ask the same question 5 times (like, uh, why did you take my aunt and uncle?) and you get 5 different answers (an airport investigation. they are out of status. we're deporting them. we're bringing them back in 2 hours. we have information that they're a high security risk to the US.) In reality, they're elderly folks in their 70s who are so law-abiding they don't even freaking jaywalk. They are struggling with an asylum case that recently got denied (again), and worked at Dulles airport. Those two things together apparently spell baaad news.


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