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Two Important Corrections to RVA IMC Coverage of the MTR/G8 Protest

Wonderful Indymedia users have posted 2 important corrections to our coverage of this past Friday's Mountain Top Removal and G8 Solidarity protests.
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In the comment section of the breaking news feature, Jeff Winder writes concerning the lockdown in front of Massey headquarters:

"As one of the police liasons during the march and action, I was very surprised to read the inaccurate report that those locked down had agreed to unlock after negotiations with police and in exchange for not being arrested. This is abosolutely untrue. At no point during any discussions with the police did we grant any concessions. We held the intersection for two hours beyond the expiration of our permit before deciding on our own to march back. The decision people made to unlock themselves was made in consultation with other activists present there and did not involve any dialogue with the police. People chose to unlock themselves and march back in solidarity at the request of coalfields residents who felt that the action had been a success since Massey's business had been disrupted for the day and the great majority of the employees had already left the building. Those locked down and a great many supporters were prepared to stay in the street and the threat of arrest was not a deterrent. I found it to be an incredibly empowering experience to work with those locked down and everyone else who liberated the street in front of Massey Coal for those few hours. Everyone maintained high spirits out on those hot streets, stared down the riot squads who formed without blinking and ignored demands by police that we leave before we felt our purpose had been accomplished. Whatever anyone may think about the tactical choice to leave, let the record be set straight that police negotiations were no part of the decision to leave."

In response to our summary about the day's events, Jason Guard writes:

"I don't know if this bit about a meeting with Gov. Warner is accurate. However, earlier in the week the Gov. of West Virginia, Joe Manchin, had some of his assistants meet with Coal River Mountain Watch members in response to Ed Wiley's hunger strike on the state's capitol steps. Ed's grand-daughter attends Marsh Fork elementary which is overshaddowed by a poisonous coal treatment plant/reservoir. Some say that the Governor was only attempting to pacify the protestors and take the momentum out of their campaign against Massey Energy. Several WVA coal field residents elected not to attend the rally in Richmond due to the hints of slight reforms communicated by the WVA Gov's office. Meanwhile, the Dept of Environmental Protection approved the building of another coal silo next to Marsh Fork elementary."

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