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Day 2 of Whitesville march

On day 2, protesters marched through the town of Whitesville, WV. At the far end of town, a red car swerved off the road and came inches from Bo Webb, in an obvious attempt to hit him. After the attempt, a lady jumped out of the car and turned her license plate up, making it impossible to read....

“Even though Massey Energy is from Richmond, Virginia, they would be welcome to do business in this valley,? Julia Bonds stated, adding, “so long as they mine coal responsibly. Massey needs to stop hiring outside miners from Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Kentucky, and hire our boys from right here in the valley to mine this coal underground.? According to the West Virginia Coal Association there were more than 100,000 miners employed in 1952 a little over a half century later there are fewer than 15,000.


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