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Cindy Sheehan News..... Help Wanted /Sen Allen Weighs In

Here is an update from Veterans For Peace member Dick Underhill regarding Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, including a list of needs.

Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan who was killed while serving in Iraq last year, is still outside Bush Ranch in Crawford waiting for Bush to come out and face up to her..and thereby face up to the truth about what he has done to this nation and the world.

"I think the president ought to meet with this mother," said Sen. George Allen, a Virginia Republican."

The Crawford Peace House, Code Pink, Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), Vietnam Vets Against War (VVAW), VFP and a host of other organizations are working together to support Cindy...Many thanks to Cindy and the Volunteers.


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