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Richmond Reproductive Freedom Protest Series

Part I: Life and Liberty “Face The Truth? Tour

die-in action article fotoes 004.jpg
Sometime around 5am, September 28th, someone…somewhere decided to start their day with a little bit of misogyny…actually that’s a lie. Someone woke up and decided to start their day with a LOT of misogyny....

Part II: RRFP hosts Abortion Speak Out

On Saturday, October 2nd, Richmond’s abortion fund collective, Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project hosted an abortion speak out in the VCU student commons. All genders were invited to share their personal experiences of having an abortion or share a story of someone they knew having an abortion....

Part III: Emergency Die-In Takes Place At Grove and Boulevard

A day after RRFP made progressive strides to discuss the necessity of reproductive freedom, one of Richmond’s women’s clinics that provides abortions came under attack on National Life Chain Day....

Part IV: Die-In Direct Actions planned for mid-October

October is Abortion Access Month and RRFP members have got some great plans up their sleeves. Stay tuned to this website for breaking news!


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