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Rappahannock Council for Domestic Violence Bi-lingual Services Program

In mid-December 2005 the Rappahannock Council for Domestic Violence (RCDV) celebrated its development of a bi-lingual program to assist persons affected by domestic violence, with an emphasis on assisting and providing services for members of the Latina/o community in Fredericksburg, VA. With support from the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, “La Positiva? Union Radio, and members of Fredericksburg’s police force, RCDV held its first committee meeting for the bi-lingual program. Due to the growing Spanish-speaking population in the Rappahannock area, the necessity for a program such as this was clear. Sylvia Torres, Hispanic/Latino Victim Services Coordinator at RCDV, explained that prior to the development of this program, very few members of RCDV knew Spanish well enough to respond to calls from members of the Latina/o community.


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