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Announcement :: Urban Development

Rally to Save the Historic Murphy Hotel!

We need people to gather at 9th and Broad Street on Wednesday at noon to show the state legislators (who do not live in this town but are from everywhere else in the state) that we city dwellers refuse to allow for the demolition of our downtown landmark buildings – especially when an alternative to demolition is supported by a State funded study. This study concluded that the best this building should be saved and reused for a number of development options(one includes a VCU/UR urban law school partnership) The State’s parking and office space needs can be met by using the vacant lot located between 8th and 9th street.

Please see the attached flyer and share it with neighbors, friends, family members and anyone interested in improving our city. Would it be possible to post this on the calendar?
I’m going to send this out to some RVA blogs and see if they too will post this “call to action?.

Thank you so much for your help! Again, if you have any questions, please call or email me. Thanks again!

Mary Anne Conmy
2502 East Leigh Street
Richmond, VA 23233


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