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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Rally for Immigrant Rights in Richmond

Sunday, April 9 -- Rally for Immigrant Rights -- around 2:30 in Monroe Park.

This will be Richmond's answer to the very repressive bills now being considered in Congress that would make it a felony just to be in this country illegally; make it a felony to HELP someone who is in this country, including giving food and water to people dying while trying to walk across the Arizona desert; and erect a 700-mile-long fence on the Mexico-U.S. border.

This rally is being put on by Mexicans Without Borders, the Virginia Organizing Project, the Defenders for Freedom Justice and Equality, and the Legal Aid Justice Center, and is being promoted by La Selecta Spanish-language radio station WVNZ 1320 AM. Please come out if you can or pass the word around.

for more information call cristina rebeil at (804) 643-1086, ext. 106 (for spanish); or cathy woodson at (804) 261-7497 (for english.) flyers in spanish and english are attached in a following post.


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