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How to Improvise Your Own Indie Store and Beat Back the Chains (a book review)

There’s this book you want to buy. You could order it online from Amazon, but wouldn’t it be nice to browse a little and maybe buy a cup of coffee too? So you head to the nearest bookstore, Borders (or is it Barnes and Noble in your neighborhood?). Check the bargain table. Nothing interesting, but the glossy photos are pretty. Well, here’s an interesting novel. Fifteen dollars for a paperback! Forget it. Now for the book you’ve been coveting: not in stock. You hunt down a harried-looking clerk who tells you it will ship in seven days, just follow her and she’ll order it online. And are you interested in Super-Sizing your order for an extra fifteen dollars? If you join Hooked on Books you will save 10% on every third title for a year.



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