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Virginia Represent: First Encounter of the Zapatista Communities with the Peoples of the World

As the clock struck 12:00 last night hundreds of soldiers from Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN in spanish initials) and hundreds more civilians from the Zapatista civil society organizations assembled on the basketball court before the mainstage of the International Meeting between the Zapatista People and the People of the World. Around the perimeter of the zapatistas were thousands of international supporters and rebels who had come to participate in the meetings. In this crowd of internationals were representatives from organizations working in Virginia, including the Woodbridge Workers Committee, The Committee of Indigenous Solidarity, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, The Snails Pace Collective, and Richmond Indymedia. Moments after midnight, dozens of members of the EZLN comandancia dramatically took the stage...

Brutal attack against Ricardo Dominguez, adherent to the Other Campaign


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