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The Richmond Independent Media Center website has served as an online news outlet for Virginia since the end of 1999. And now we’re putting the site on pause by turning off open publishing until we can fix the tech problems that have plagued us.

Overcoming our technical challenges is not the only need. For Richmond Indymedia to continue being a passionate media-driven vehicle for progressive social change it needs a core collective of volunteers dedicated to maintaining the site editorially and technically.

If you’re interested in reinvigorating Indymedia in Virginia, write us at editors@richmondindymedia.org. The responses we receive will help us gauge how needed this project is and thus how much work we should put into it.

We’re dedicated to keeping this site up even with publishing turned off so that at least the unique and often exclusive news stories it has carried over the years remain available for all to remember, learn from, and be inspired by. Check out our old features (linked at the bottom of this page) going as far back as April 2001 when we upgraded the site, if you’d like a taste or memory of what an open-publishing news site can be when it’s not all spammed out and under-utilized.



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