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VIRGINIANS IN QUEBEC CITY: Local Activist's FTAA Experience

"I know that in 4 days I changed more than I have in the past year. All the theories and thoughts that have been kicking around in my brain came to a head that weekend. I couldn't even begin to describe how this has effected me...I don't even think that I know the full ramifications of my participation. Every day I find myself thinking things that I never would have before. I am already planning for the next protest. How can I help better? How can I be more prepared? What can I learn inbetween now and then to improve my skills as a street medic? How many people can I get to join that never would have dreamed of it before? If one protest has had such a strong effect on me, shouldn't we strive to get everyone involved? Our hearts are screaming at us to listen to them, how many people are still too scared to do it?"
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