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REPUBLICAN CONVENTION PROTESTS: Activists Take to the Streets of Richmond Targeting Right Wing Control

Although the radical right-wing Richmond Times Dispatch didnít see fit to cover this colorful and energetic criticism of the Republican Agenda, you can find the story right here on Indymedia. There are also scores of pictures from Saturday morningís march and rally published in the last couple days. Please read on, have fun with the pictures and audio clips and remember: DONíT HATE THE MEDIAÖ BECOME THE MEDIA!!!

This past weekend, activists from all over Virginia, and some from DC and North Carolina, held two days of creative protests at the Virginia Republican Convention. The protests, coordinated by the Virginia Justice Action Network, began on Friday night outside a $100 per plate Republican dinner at the Broad Street Marriott. As rain poured down and the streets flooded, Food Not Bombs served a free community meal huddling under an abandoned storefront awning and the Queer Liberation Front Queerleaders delivered cheers and public displays of queer affection in the face of the right wing delegates
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