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IMF AND WORLD BANK PROTESTS -- DC, SEPT. 29 + 30: RVA Organizes for DC Protests

"The economic oppression that we see and feel here in Richmond has the same root causes as the world-wide globalization of corporate greed that RAGN formed to combat in Washington DC during Aprilís (2000) mobilization against the World Bank and International Monitary Fund. When our city government sells off itís job opportunities to unscrupulously low-paying contractors and sub-contractors, it is the same race to the bottom of acceptable wages that has sweat-shops and maquiladoras popping up in the Ďfree trade zonesí of the global South."

That's a quote from the minutes of the recent Richmond Anti-Globalization Network (RAGN) meeting, and a pretty good way of summing up why you oughta be interested in DC's upcoming goings-on. On September 29 and 30, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will be attempting to hold meetings in Washington DC. They, however, will be met by thousands of peaceful protestors, there to be the voice of millions around the world who are opposed to the devastating corporate globalization polices the IMF and World Bank support.

Starting on Sept. 23, protestors will counter the closed meetings of the IMF and World Bank with up to 10 days of alternative events, such as rallies, teach-ins, protests, workshops, concerts and abandoned housing takeovers. Demonstration organizers say their demonstrations and events will be nonviolent and peaceful.

RAGN has begun organizing to participate in these protests, as well as continuing to oppose corporate globalization in many other ways. For more information about their plans (plus a slew of useful links about the issues involved), read their recent meeting minutes, posted on our IMC site.

For more details about the upcoming protests in DC, stay tuned to the DC IMC. If you have any information you'd like to share about other local organizing efforts for the DC protests, please don't hesitate to publish a story about them to our Richmond IMC site.
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