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SOA TRIAL UPDATE: Virginian SOA Activists Sentenced

After an intense week of trial preparation meetings, planning, and media work, the trial of 37 human rights activists began on July 8th, 2002 in Columbus Georgia in front of Magistrate Faircloth. Eight Virginians were among 37 human rights activists charged with trespassing for their actions to confront the School of the Americas. The end of the trial found all eight Virginians with sentences of varying degrees, detailed as follows:

Peter Gelderloos of Harrisonburg, and Niklan Jones-Lezama of Blacksburg were both sentenced to six months in federal prison. Peter is in the Muskogee County jail now.

Abi Miller of Harrisonburg, Sue Daniels of Blacksburg, and Nancy Gowen of Richmond were all sentenced to three months in federal prison and $500 fine.

Lee Sturgis and David O'Neil, both from Harrisonburg, as well as Brigid Conarchy of Goochland, were each sentenced to six months probation and $500 fine.

Guide to the above photo of the Virginian SOA affinity group:

Front (L to R): Brigid Conarchy (Goochland, VA), Abi Miller (Harrisonburg, VA), Jenny Schockomoehl (Harrisonburg, VA), Anna Mitchell (Harrisonburg, VA), Elspeth Gilmore (New York) Back (L to R): Jamie Miller (Harrisonburg/Nicarauga), Dave O'Neill (Harrisonburg, VA), Lee Sturgis (Harrisonburg, VA), Brandon Passmore (Goochland, VA), Peter Gelderloos (Harrisonburg, VA), Summer Nelson (Montana)
[ For details on the whole trial, including the moving testimony of the defendants, please read the complete IMC article. | Virginian defendants updates ]



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