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HUNDREDS PROTEST WHITE SUPREMACISTS: Community To Fascists:Get Out & Stay Out!

“It’s like having a stray dog on your porch; it’s something that’s got to go,” said L.J. McCoy, branch secretary of the Chesterfield NAACP in regards to an outnumbered World Church of the Creator as it attempted to meet at Chesterfield Public Library Saturday.

Hundreds of people turned out to make the white supremacy group as unwelcome as possible.

After much debate, the WCOTC was permitted by the board of supervisors of Chesterfield, a county south of Richmond, to use the library to recruit future fascists and to meet at 5 p.m.

According to the WCOTC’s Web site, the organization exists to promote the “advancement of white people” and the “natural superiority” of white people.

A crowd amassed at 3:30 outside the library to oppose the group’s racist foundations, at its height the number of people grew to 300. Church groups, the NAACP, anarchists, activists, local residents and people from Philadelphia milled about the library’s lawn, while 75 individuals stood in line to go inside to attend the meeting; some who waited planned to confront the organization inside while some nervous skinheads impatiently awaited the opening of library doors... [continue reading this story]
[ caine rose's photo documentary | mp3 audio files of protest | photo collage of anti-fascist community members ]



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