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RESISTANCE IS ALIVE IN VIRGINIA!: Largest Richmond Anti-War March EVER takes the streets!

On Nov. 9th, 750 people from around the state of Virginia manifested a strong force of opposition to the US government’s plans for a war. In a state that is home to the Pentagon, numerous US military bases, and weapons manufacturers, people of conscience, freedom fighters and community organizers gathered at Richmond Coliseum’s Festival Park to show dissent to the Bush adminstration’s drive toward a full out war on Iraq.

People from Food Not Bombs chapters across the state provided a delicious meal while colorful banners and signs made for a beautiful show of resitance. A warm sunny autumn day accomodated the march, which went through downtown Richmond by the offices of the conservative Richmond Times Dispatch [1, 2], and onward to the state capitol. A diverse spectrum of voices and opinion made for an inspiring and powerful demonstration against profit-driven US foreign and domestic policy, the illegal occupation of Palestine, and the system of global capitalism that the US imposes upon people the world over.

Speakers from groups such as Richmond Food Not Bombs, The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, National Organization of Women, The Muslim Student Association, and many more called for an immediate end to the war mongering of the US government. Free Palestine Now, a local group which is in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for independence, displayed Palestinian flags and a banner which called for an end to the occupation. The Better Days Collective, a local anarchist group, held a banner that declared, “Neither Their War Nor Their Peace. Overthrow The Status Quo” and distributed a leaflet with the same title. A Food Not Bombs activist going by the name Incoquistada (meaning unconquered) published and distributed a Demand For Justice.

This day was an amazing success for the Coalition To Stop The War In Iraq and certainly has created a momentum that will be felt statwide. For more info about the coalition contact a16rva@hotmail.com. For more detailed accounts of the protest and photos, click on the links below. For more anti-war action, get yourself to Charlottesville on Wednesday, Nov.20!
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