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YES YES Y'ALL AND YOU DON'T STOP: Richmond Radical News Briefs

Richmond freedom fighters continue to push the struggle forward! On Nov.6, rebels from Richmond's 804Noise Collective held a secret show in the VCU library $tarbucks. While the Nov.9 anti-war protest was happening downtown, members of the black community and anti-racist whites once again protested in opposition to the fascist World Church of the Creator's organizing attempts in the community. With anti-racist opposition always outnumbering the supporters of the WCOTC it seems the score is set at Community 2, Fascists 0.

Every year dedicated crew of folks from Richmond travel to Fort Benning, GA to protest the School of the Americas. Click on the links below to read a firsthand account and view photos from Richmond IMC reporter Jen Lawhorne. As well our comrades at the Atlanta IMC have provided extensive coverage on the SOA protests.
[ Jen's Article | see photos from the protest | check out the Atlanta IMC for breaking news ]



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