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WE CAN WORK IT: Richmond Radical News Briefs

Unstoppable in dismantling barriers to community building, Food Not Bombs activists declared on Dec. 8 a call for respect in a step to return Monroe Park to a safe space for all who gather for the Sunday meal. Several people went on strike and issued a Statement of Respect flyer to create dialogue at the park, while strikers and their allies engaged people in the park as to why the strike was occuring. Read a striker’s personal account and the IMC article about Sunday’s call for respect.

Last week witnessed the passing away of Father Philip Berrigan, an awe-inspiring member of the country’s resistance movement, who was one of the first to burn his draft card in resistance to the Vietnam War and participated in the infamous Plowshares actions. His funeral was held Monday, Dec. 9 at St. Peter Claver parish in Baltimore and was attended by more than 500 people.

Jailed freedom fighters from Richmond and Charlottesville were recently released. Nancy Gowan served three months in jail after crossing the line onto Fort Benning during last year’s School of the America’s protest. Andrew Holden served time in Virginia for participating in massive sit-ins at Charlottesville’s major hotels, whose workers are struggling for a living wage. Read Nancy’s and Andrew’s reflections upon release.

Also, some exciting events are on the horizon! Richmond’s Better Days Collective will host an Anarchist Encuentro on Saturday, Dec.21 at the Pace Center. Charlottesville is calling for people to protest George Bush’s scheduled visit to the town on Saturday, Jan.18. Let’s keep the heat on and let Bush know we don’t want his trash in our backyard!



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