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THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Anti-war movement heats up in Richmond

Dec. 21 saw two vocal displays of resistance in Richmond to war on Iraq. The anti-war movement is growing in this Southern city as people from various backgrounds and experiences come out to oppose the Bush administration's plans to escalate the attack on Iraq.

Richmond saw its first-ever Women in Black vigil as 30 women gathered Saturday afternoon for symbolic resistance to war. Read the full story and view photos of the vigil.

Later on that night, 60 people, some carrying torches, marched through Carytown, a Richmond shopping district. The spirited protest caught the attention of many shoppers, workers, business owners and especially the police as seven people were arrested for participating in the march. Read the IMC article and an arrested person's account, and check out these photos of the march.

Some major anti-war events are on the horizon! First, there's the country's last major national mobilization against the war in D.C. on Jan.18; Charlottesville is also inviting people to protest the war the same day. At the end of January, members of the resistance community will gather in D.C. for the National Conference on Organized Resistance, a convergence of talks, workshops, skill-sharing and socializing! NCOR features workshops hosted by four Richmonders this year, be sure to check the workshops out.

Street artists have been manifesting resistance to war on Iraq. Some people wheatpasted enlarged copies of David Rees' comic book, Get Your War On. The comics appeared downtown, on an abandoned storefront in Carytown and on the front windows of senator George Allen's Franklin Street office. Check out photos of these wheatpastings.
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