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POWER DOESN'T CONCEDE ANYTHING WITHOUT DEMAND: We will rock you until war is obsolete

Richmond is where itís at the weekend of March 21. Area organizers are busily preparing for RECLAIM! a conference on community, war and oppression. The weekend promises to be an awesome gathering of people anxious for an alternative to war and violence.

Richmond activists are elated to host this conference and are pouring their hearts, minds and energy into this weekend where there will be many activities, a spokescouncil and a culminating march against poverty and war on March 23. A workshop schedule has been finalized, people are encouraged to register and if people cannot make it to RECLAIM!, we want you here in Richmond on Sunday to march against poverty and war.

During Mondayís city council meeting, Richmond mayor Rudy McCollum introduced an anti-war resolution for consideration. If the resolution is passed, RIchmond will join the ranks of hundreds of other U.S. cities that have resolved to say no to war on Iraq. Although the mayor is still an asshole as he sells the cityís people out to developer and big business interests, this resolution isnít about supporting advancement of McCollumís career, itís about our city and we want our beloved town to take a stand against the war. Right wing elements have already launched a campaign to disuade the government, but itís up to people of conscience to contact their city representatives and tell them to vote yes for the resolution.

Resistance in Virginia canít be stopped as International Womenís Day Against War was celebrated in Richmond with the weekly Women in Black vigil where 86 women meditated in a silent march against war. Last weekend also saw the sentencing of three Virginian Catholic Workers to six months in prison for pouring their own blood on the Pentagon. Reports say support ran high during the trial of these three courageous individuals who will need your support while in a Northern Neck jail.

The Federal Communications Commission held public hearings in Richmond on media consolidation. As the government plans to relax rules on media ownership, people are moblizing to stop the hijacking of free speech and free press by corporate conglomerates. Dozens of dedicated activists from the East Coast came to Richmond to voice their outrage against media consolidation.

The administration has set the date of March 17 for Iraq to ďdisarm. Ē Be prepared to protest the war during an emergency response rally downtown the day after war is declared. Resistance is not futile if we have the power of the people behind us.
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