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ASHAMED TO BE AMERICAN: The day after: Richmond responds

As bombs of death and destruction began to rain upon Iraq Wednesday night, the nightmare of imperialist takeover of Iraq officially started as George Bush announced the invasion of the oil-rich country. America will watch the war unfold as a primetime television event in the safety of their homes as many people in the Middle East pray for their lives.

As coordinated with hundreds of other emergency responses around the world, Richmonders rallied downtown to oppose the expansion of U.S. empire in the Middle East. Charlottesville also held its own emergency response as students walked out of class to resist the war on Iraq. Richmond mayor Rudy McCollum also held strong in his opposition to war as he fielded questions from the community about his anti-war resolution. A newly formed anti-war paint coalition has also been busy painting the town red with anti-war propaganda and recently issued a communique.

The anti-war movement now has a new mission to oppose the illegal occupation of Iraq and to fight for a future without government oppression and war. Resistance will continue to grow and we will move forward, but we need to invest much time and thought into what direction the movement will go. That said, all are invited to attend Richmondís RECLAIM!, a conference on community, war and oppression this weekend. The conference serves as a time for reflection, planning and movement building

The weekend includes workshops, discussion, speaking events, a spokescouncil, a keynote address and a HUGE demonstration on Sunday.



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