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FEARLESS FRIDAY: Relentless defiance shows commitment to stop war

Not a single day of war passes without fierce disobedience from the world populace; people aren’t backing down from resisting the war on Iraq and are turning the tide against the Bush administration’s conquest of the Middle East.

Friday’s daybreak awoke to several activists in Charlottesville holding a military firm on lockdown, making the company’s compound inaccessible for more than two hours while interrupting traffic on route 29. Bound together by a lock box, the protest managed to be effective for hours. Seven demonstrators were arrested, including freedom fighters from the Little Flower Catholic Worker and Charlottesville Food Not Bombs.

Road obstructionists in D.C. managed to snarl the district’s early morning commute by closing a bridge between D.C. and Virginia and demobilizing an intersection. In an amazing feat of acrobatic activism, ladders were slung over giant statues while huge banners stretched across lanes of traffic and a street theater performance of “Cirque de Deceit” dramatized the sham of the government’s authority to conduct war.

In Richmond, bike lovers and concerned cyclists coasted together on the city’s streets for the year’s first Critical Mass. Many of the ride participants used the bike ride as an opportunity to couple together the need for two wheel sufficiency and independence from war-attracting natural resources like oil. Friday’s late afternoon critical mass was three times its normal attendance level because of the anti-war element to this month’s ride, said mainstream media resources.

Northern Virginia is contributing to anti-war momentum as this weekend is abuzz with protests. Demonstrations have been organized in northern Virginia and Fredericksburg. Be a part of the revolutionary moment that will stop a war on Iraq. For people still with questions about opposing the war, come to the Richmond’s Pace Center on April 1 and hear firsthand stories from a peace delegate who returned from Iraq in February. Also check out this article that argues why direct action is an effective tool for working class resistance.



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