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STRIKE THE EMPIRE BACK!: Viriginia senators' offices taken over, nine arrested

Before noon Thursday, nine anti-war activists entered the separate Richmond offices of senators John Warner and George Allen and refused to leave in protest to the war on Iraq.

Five filed into Allen's Franklin Street office as the remaining four traveled to Warner's high-rise suite shortly before 11:30 a.m. A banner reading "War is terrorism" was hung in Allen's office window as supporters outside chanted, "Hey George, we know you, you killed Virginians too."

The posse that arrived at Warner's office unveiled a banner that read "Occupation is terrorism," as they claimed the office was a weapon of mass destruction and demanded that Warner practice diplomacy before bombing other countries. The group remained in the office for more than an hour before police arrested them.

The nine arrested were charged with trespassing and released shortly after. See pictures [1] [2] from April 10's action, please ignore the x's, the photos are still viewable. Read the IMC account.

Don't believe what the maintstream media and the government tell you. As reporters clamored for shots of the destruction of a Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad, evidence has been published to show the event was staged as small numbers of people participated. But as the government and media made the week's events sound like a victory, people of conscience know what horror the people of Iraq are experiencing. Please visit these independent Web sites for eyewitness coverage of the atrocities occuring against the Iraqi people: Robert-fisk.com, electronic iraq and iraq journal.

The weekend of April 12 in D.C. is host to the Latin America Solidarity Conference and an anti-war convergence on Saturday. Richmond AMSWER is organizing a car pool up north that day. Please come to the Pace Center (700 W. Franklin St.) at 8:30 a.m. to find a ride or offer space in your car.



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