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CONFRONT THE MILITARY MACHINE: May 11 Mother's Day Action in Norfolk

Although the government and media says all is quiet on the Eastern front in Iraq, the country simply regains its space on the long list of countries the U.S. continues to exact inhumane and unjust war upon. A brutal occupation is underway as hatred for America festers throughout the world and countries scramble for ways to defend themselves while increasing worldwide nuclear proliferation.

The question remains: who’s next? Syria, Iran, North Korea, Colombia -- the U.S. government has a laundry list of potential targets. The Richmond Independent Media Center has created its own inventory of suggested regime changes and the Bush administration tops the list.

Virginia’s Tidewater region is taking the lead on aiming its weapons of mass dissension of puppets, chants, signs and mothers at the U.S. military. On Sunday May 11, Virginians will celebrate the true meaning of Mother’s Day in a protest for peace in Norfolk, home of the world’s largest naval base. The battle for peace and justice in the world didn’t end with the U.S. “victory” in Iraq; in fact now is the most important time to ensure the people of Iraq are not forgotten as U.S. interests salivate over potential economic and strategic gains in the Middle East. The oil and land of Iraq belong to its people! It’s up to us to continue the outrage demanding their needs and concerns are heeded.

Carry on the tradition of women’s opposition to war, travel to Norfolk on Mother’s Day to confront the U.S. military machine directly and demand our troops come home to Mom. The day begins with a rally at Lafayette Park at 2 p.m. and a march starting at 5 p.m.; the following day will involve civil disobedience during rush hour. Richmond ANSWER is organizing a bus from Richmond, to reserve a seat please call 358. 5427 or e-mail RichActCtr@aol.com
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