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MOTHER'S DAY FOR PEACE: Norfolk calls for continued resistance to war

Seven activists and one reporter were arrested Monday morning for peacefully protesting U.S. militarism in Norfolk. The action came after Sunday's Mother's Day celebration for peace where people of conscience continued resisting the U.S.ís endless war on defenseless countries for corporate profit and geographic domination.

Despite threatening clouds overhead, a crowd numbering at times of 75 people assembled at Norfolk's Lafayette Park to relax on soft grass and enjoy the line-up of inspiring women speakers and performers. After lunching on a Food Not Bombs meal, people marched to the city's naval museum, challenging the world's only superpower and its military structure.

Many people at the event made the connections between the governmentís declared victory in Iraq and the ongoing violence and danger the Iraqi people and U.S. soldiers are experiencing. As plans for U.S. control over Iraq oilfields are unveiled, the Bush administration unscrupulously carries out its right-wing capitalist agenda on the Middle East. Calls for remaining in the streets and opposing the inhumane greed of the U.S. while practicing non-violence and teaching peaceful lessons were heard at Sundayís rally.

The U.S. war on Iraq has also allowed for increased violence on the Palestinian people as a result of Israelís genocidal occupation. The increased violence has also been delivered upon the International Solidarity Movement, which in the past week has seen one of its offices raided, many activists arrested and an Israeli vow to remove these non-violent human rights activists removed from the occupied territories. Richmond was privileged to hear from one of the ISMís own, George Qassis, as he related the struggle for Palestinian liberation and encouraged people to continue to travel to Palestine in solidarity for their fight for survival.



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