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BEAT BACK THE BUSH ATTACK!: Hit the streets and demand an end to occupation

Food Not Bombs is calling for people to come out to Monroe Park on August 23 at 4 p.m. to protest the occupations of Iraq and Palestine. Bush lied and you are seething as you read more about the administration's search for every outlet to cover up its deceit.

You have plenty of reasons to come out and display your anger and few reasons to stay at home on August 23. The occupation of Iraq continues to kill innocent Iraqis and U.S. service people. At least 6,000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed since the onset of war as U.S. companies like Bechtel and Halliburton pursue lucrative contracts in the post war deconstruction of Iraq.

Let's not forget about the domestic situation at home. The Bush administration is sending the country into its worst deficits ever of $450 billion (Bush no.1 set the previous record), the war so far has cost $48 billion with a monthly price tag close to $4 billion. With recent passage of a tax cut that we all know benefits few people, the administration is driving the country into bankruptcy with plans to privatize all social services.

There's tons of reasons to be angry: increased nuclear proliferation in the U.S., environmental cut-backs, lack of library funding, no money for AIDS or public housing, the PATRIOT Act, no jobs, increased lay-offs and a tanking economy.

We face an ominous future if this administration keeps its hold on power. If we learned anything from the massive worldwide protests earlier this year it is that there is another superpower in this world against the U.S. and that is the power of global public opinion. Richmond's anti-war movement did not end on March 23. We are part of a larger movement abroad and that is for global justice. La lucha sigue!



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