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LA LUCHA SIGUE EN ARGENTINA!: The People United Returns from Argentina with Amazing Stories to Tell

The People United delegation to Buenos Aires, Argentina returned to Virginia last week and what they brought with them were amazing stories of revolution and activism, messages of solidarity and tangible evidence of the beautiful, awe-inspiring resistance to corporate and governmental domination that Argentines are living and breathing in their collective existences.

This moving experience has compelled a few of the People United delegates to publish insightful accounts on what they saw. Their stories speak for themselves and all you have to do is take the time to educate yourself on Argentina. People United delegate Joe Catron shot many incredible pictures of prevalent public art seen on the streets of Buenos Aires. People expressing themselves through political art and grafitti are unafraid to yield a can of spray paint or stencil to share their discontent and hope. [PHOTOS: 1 2 3 4 5 6]

Richmond Queer Space organizer Sasha Vodnik has published accounts on the infamous Mothers of the Disappeared who will not allow the world to forget their children who were killed by the government during the 1970s, unemployed workers who are collectively organizing to survive and workers at the Brukman factory who are struggling to regain their right to work in their factory. [READ: The Mothers of the Disappeared, The Unemployed Workers Movement, The Brukman Workers Struggle]

IMC reporter Jason Guard has also been indefatigable in his writing and has provided us with an abundance of information on the Argentina beverage of choice, yerba mate, revolutionary hero Che Guevarra, his experiences with consensus building, unemployed workers, and the Brukman movement. [READ: Consensus Building and Assemblies, Miscellaneous Thoughts on Yerba Mate and Che Guevarra, Unemployed Workers Organizing, The Brukman Movement]

Richmond Indymedia would like to thank all who have published and to encourage others to write more. If readers would like to meet the People United delegates and to hear their stories firsthand, several events are on the way for you to meet them. Check out the events! This summer was an awesome season for Richmonders who traveled to other continents with the purpose of exchanging solidarity with embattled people abroad. Two activists from Free Palestine Now! have returned after traveling to the occupied territories of Palestine. Stay in touch with IMC to find out about upcoming FPN events.



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