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VIRGINIA MARCHES AGAINST THE OCCUPATION: People fault U.S. war-mongering for problems at home and abroad

Three hundred people gathered in Richmond Sunday to oppose the U.S. occupation in Iraq and the government's funding of the occupation of Palestine. During the rally, an impressive list of speakers indulged the crowd in rich analyses of the U.S. war abroad and the war on people at home.

Recalling the story of the struggle for Civil Rights in the U.S., many pledged to continue the fight for freedoms, jobs and justice that must continued to be waged today against the ultra-right wing Bush administration. The march was also planned in solidarity with the previous day's 40th anniversary Civil Rights March in D.C.

People assembled in Richmond's Monroe Park with signs and colorful banners and marched through the lower Fan in a peaceful demonstration against U.S. foreign and domestic policies. [Photos: 1 2] [Read the IMC article][Check out the audio!]



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