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RISE UP, FIGHT BACK AGAINST CORPORATE GLOBALIZATION: Richmond and the world prepare for anti-WTO actions Sept. 13

The forces of corporate globalization are up to their same old antics as the World Trade Organization holds its fifth ministerial meeting this month in Cancun, Mexico. With 134 member countries, the WTO exists to negotiate, monitor and enforce international trade agreements. Through the WTO, global corporate elite control the commerce of the world by circumventing local and national protections for labor, agriculture, health and the environment to facilitate the overrunning of local economies to privatization and corporate domination. [Ten Reasons to Oppose the WTO]

As the WTO meets, a worldwide day of action has been issued for Saturday, Sept. 13. Richmond is joining in on the day's events with a march and educational fair. Organized by the Richmond Economic Justice Coalition, the day begins with a permitted march to Richmond's Ethyl Corp. The tartgeting of Ethyl comes from the company's use of international trade agreements to sue Canada for banning a lethal gasoline additive Ethyl produced. Ethyl is also responsible for the demolition of many houses in the historic working class neighborhood of Oregon Hill. Once the march is over, an educational fair will take place in Monroe Park. [Read more]

Entities like the WTO uphold expanding the realm of global capitalism by forcing open local markets to transnational exploitation in order to make short-term gains, returning profits to the private sector while leaving in its wake devastating social and environmental costs to the public. But where there is corporate greed, there is always resistance. Since the WTO's founding in 1995, organized groups of people have confronted the WTO on its undemocratic practices and unaccountability. Most remarkably, in 1999, 50,000 global justice protesters choked WTO meetings in Seattle. Although the global justice movement has not experienced such an astounding success since 1999, large groups continually mobilize screaming, "The world is not for sale!" to fiercely resist international trade councils like the WTO.

This is year is no different as groups have prepared massive demonstrations in Cancun to force trade talks to collapse. Indymedia activists have already converged to organize effective coverage of the protests and a new Cancun IMC is hosting excellent dialogue and exchange of information. Stay in touch with Richmond IMC and global indymedia to learn about the unfolding of Sept. 13's events.
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