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RAD WORKSHOPS AROUND VIRGINIA: Fredricksburg and Richmond Kick It With Educational Campaigns

Fredericksburg, VA--future hotbed of radical activism--is in the full swing of its first progressive education campaign. A series of workshops designed to share the struggles of people abroad and relate them to people at home, the campaign started in September and continues through November.

Aaron Samsel, an organizer of the campaign, said the interest in creating a progressive atmosphere existed in small town F-burg and the best way to start would be with educating people in that area. The series includes talks on feminism in activism and Islam, the struggle for Palestinian liberation, the Zapatista uprising, radical economics, revolutionary women in Afghanistan, queer liberation and a lecture on anarchist social theory lead by one of Richmond IMCs favorites, Georgetown Professor Mark Lance, this Thursday, Sept. 25. Check out the campaign!

Not to be outdone, the Richmond Queer Space Project is also in the midst of its 2003 workshop series. Every Thursday at 7 p.m. since August and lasting through the end of the year, RQSP has rocked Richmond with its weekly talks at Queer Paradise, 319 North Adams Street. So far, lessons on yoga, gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, screen-printing, Palestinian politics and poetry have inspired eager peeps in the town.

One of the most highly anticipated workshops, the Sept. 18 presentation by queer sci-fi writer Samuel R. Delaney canceled due to the hurricane, has fortunately been rescheduled to Nov. 14 (time and location to be announced). But you can still get in on the action this week when RQSP organizer Sasha Vodnik and others discuss their recent trip to off da hook Argentina. Check out the workshops!



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