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Cops run Amok

In recent years the Richond Police Department has been gaining a reputation for acting out of procedural guidelines, endangering people's lives and in some instances brutalizing and murdering the citizens of our city. This past Saturday night there were two instances where the line was crossed and police mayhem ensued. A black motorist was fatally shot and killed in the city's east end and a youth party in downtown was shut down with pepper spray, cops manhandling party goers and provoking a near riot. Read these three acounts to get an overview of what transpired here in Richmond on Saturday night. Richmond Indymedia staff writers Jen Lawhorne and Greg Wells report on the cop riot and RTD columnist, Mark Holmberg examines both the shooting in the east end and the cop riot. We also have several of Greg's interviews combined into one huge "special report" audio file -- 13.7 MB mp3 file (1/2 hour).


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