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Protest War Criminal Tommy Franks 11/13/04 @ 7pm, Richmond

Protest War Criminal General Tommy Franks
Saturday, Nov. 13 7pm
Landmark Theater @ Monroe Park (Main and Laurel streets)

Post-Protest Discussion @ Pace Center 700 W. Franklin

"Gen. Tommy Franks is seen as an architect of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It should come as no surprise that he is being sued as a war criminal for his role in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. The complaint holds him and other u.s. military officials responsible for the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi civilians, the bombing of a marketplace in Baghdad, the shooting of an ambulance, and failure to prevent the mass looting of hospitals," said Jan Fermon, a Brussels-based lawyer. It may come as more of a surprise that Franks was also under investigation for ‘abuse of office’ by the Pentagon (CNN 2/5/03). As a retired war criminal Franks through his weight behind the Bush campaign in the recent elections...."



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