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Commentary :: Peace & War

The Tragedy of Margaret Hassan

An excerpt from the article:
"Although aware of her sensitive position, Margaret never hesitated to tell it like it is – which usually implied harsh criticism of US/UK policy in the region. What is horrifically ironic about her current predicament is that it is precisely that policy regime which has led her to this life-threatening situation. Margaret did not participate in Blair’s war to turn a profit, Blair’s war came to her. For this reason, Mr. Blair is ethically obliged to do whatever his power allows to obtain her freedom...."

Editor note: Margaret Hassan was taken captive in Iraq October 19. Nabil Al-Tikriti is an Assistant Professor of History at the Unversity of Mary Washington, in Fredericksburg. He can be reached at naltikriti[at]yahoo.com Please also note his blog sites linked at the end of the op-ed. -j


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