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Richmond IndyMedia Live! Every Tuesday, 12:30 - 1PM on 97.3 WRIR LP-FM, and streaming online from wrir.org!

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WRIR 97.3FM Richmond Indie Radio LIVE ON AIR!

WRIR 97.3FM Richmond Indie Radio is the cities newest radio station and the nation's most powerful low-power FM station in terms of population reach. 190,000 plus potential listeners from Richmond can now tune into the community-run independent radio station.

WRIR 97.3FM isn't just contained to the Richmond metro area, the signal reaches out to the surrounding counties as well, as far out as Short Pump, Glen Allen/Ashland/Hanover, Eastern Henrico, etc. And with nationally syndicated radio shows such as Democracy Now, Talk of the Nation, Free Speech News, plus locally produced shows like Richmond Independent Media Radio, & The Richmond Defenders Radio; not to mention the nations first Low Power FM station to be allowed to broadcast National Public Radio programs, the city of Richmond will never be the same.

Never before has Richmond had the opportunity to bask in progressive grass roots born information like this. With that said we all should be listening right now and telling everyone we know about it so we can all engage each other with this new found information which will help us form intellegent well informed opinions about local and world issues. If there is something you feel is missing from the stations program, a voice that needs to be heard, WRIR is a community run station that will do all they can to help get that voice heard!


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