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January 19: Speak Out Against Nuclear Power in Virginia

Speak Out: No New Nukes! National Rally against the first new license for a nuclear power plant since Three Mile Island.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is ready for action after streamlining the nuclear power plant licensing process to exclude public participation, reactor safety, and radioactive waste disposal. It's flirting with disaster by proposing to build 2 new nuclear power plants in central Virginia.

If you're coming to DC on J20 to protest Bush's inauguration, support us on J19 in Virginia, just an hour south of DC. We have no doubt that this hearing date was picked in order to keep people from showing up.

We need a major turnout to send a message that we repudiate the U.S. Department of Energy and the heavily-subsidized industry's efforts to license new nuclear power plants despite unresolved safety and waste issues.

North Anna Nuclear Licensing Hearing: January 19, 2005; Mineral, Virginia Louisa County Middle School, 1009 Davis Highway, Mineral, Virginia 23117


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