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No Stadium on the Graves of Slaves

While many hungrily eye Shockoe Bottom for the millions of dollars in profits they stand to make by building a baseball stadium, others in this town hold the Bottom dear to their hearts: as a place to remember history, understand the foundations of our country and make movements to heal from the unjust beginnings of the United States.

Today, Shockoe Bottom exists as a flood-ravaged area with a farmers' market and a few businesses emerging from the devastation brought by Hurricane Gaston in August. In the past, it was a thriving center for the trade of Virginia-born slaves, sent out of the state to work in bondage at plantations in the deep South. Shockoe Bottom was also the final resting place for thousands of Africans at the Burial Ground for Negroes and where slave revolter Gabriel took his last breath before being hanged by the state.

To many this powerful history is worth fighting for to preserve. The Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality are calling all friends, supporters and allies to this Wednesday's, Feb. 16, public hearing on the Shockoe Bottom Stadium proposal. The Defenders have issued a call to reclaim sacred ground. They want opposition to come out strong to the 7:30 p.m. meeting at city hall’s council chambers.


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