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Israeli Peace Activist speaking in Richmond -- Saturday, Feb. 26

On Saturday, Feb. 26, Dr. Dalit Baum will be speaking at the Pace Center at 3pm. Dr. Baum is an Israeli feminist activist and educator, currently teaching in California at a community school for disempowered women. She is an organizer in the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace and Women in Black, and a co-founder of 'Black Laundry' - a queer anti-occupation group. During the last two years she has been active with 'Anarchists against the Wall' in solidarity actions with Palestinian non-violent resistance.

Dr. Baum will be talking about her experiences as a queer Israeli activist in the Middle East peace process, as well as looking at what lessons Americans can learn in our anti-war efforts.

Saturday's event will be the third of Dr. Baum's appearances in Virginia as part of the Virginia Anti-War Network's first state-wide tour. Having already spoken twice in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech, following her Richmond appearances, Dr. Baum will also be in Smithfield on Sunday, Feb. 27 at the Norfolk Peace Coalition meeting; and in Charlottesville on Monday, Feb. 28 at UVa for an event sponsored by Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine.

Richmond IMCista Kendall will be covering Saturday's event both for Richmond Indymedia and Richmond Indie Radio. Tune into WRIR 97.3 FM on Monday, Feb. 28 at 12:30pm to hear his audio coverage of the event on his weekly show, Weekly Sedition.


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