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Information Leaks Nothing New for Apple

There's the official version of the Leopard sneak peek on Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) Web site, and there's the unofficial version, already leaking out all over the Internet.

At least two BitTorrent file-sharing sites were showing a 4.27 GB torrent for "Apple Mac OS X Leopard v10.5 WWDC Preview Beta," as of Monday evening. One can assume that Apple's legal team, which went after bloggers who published inside details about the company last year, will be all over this.

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Announcement :: Animal Rights : Civil & Human Rights : Labor & Class : Protest Activity

Hold This Day - August 30th: Smithfield Foods Shareholders Meeting in Richmond, VA

On August 30th in Richmond Justice@Smithfield Supporters from around the country will gather in Richmond for the Smithfield Foods Annual Shareholders Meeting. As the Smithfield Board of Directors, CEO and top executives and their investors meet to count their money, praise the company's performance and (re)elect board members they will receive a loud and clear message from people from all walks of life concerned with Justice:

Stop the Abuse, Intimidation and Violence in Tar Heel! Give the workers in Tar Heel the same rights that other Smithfield employees enjoy in union plants: A safe place to work with dignity and respect and the protection of a union contract.

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News :: Peace & War

US 'knew of Israel bombing plan'

Israel and the United States were in close contact about Israel's war on Hezbollah long before it began, a US investigative journalist has claimed.

"Israel had devised a plan for attacking Hezbollah, and shared it with Bush administration officials, well before" 12 July, Seymour Hersh wrote.

The article in the New Yorker magazine relies on many anonymous sources and includes denials from US officials.

It does not claim that the US put Israel up to attacking Hezbollah.

Seymour Hersh is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, whose past work includes exposing the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and Vietnam's My Lai massacre.

'Pre-emptive visit'

Israel's "immediate security issues were reason enough to confront Hezbollah, regardless of what the Bush administration wanted," Mr Hersh cites "Israeli military and intelligence experts" as saying.

We did not plan the campaign - the decision was forced on us
Israeli foreign ministry spokesman

But, Hersh says, Israeli officials visited Washington to secure US support for its plans before Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers on 12 July, the ostensible cause of the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon.

"Israel began with [Vice-President Dick] Cheney. It wanted to be sure that it had his support and the support of ... the National Security Council," an unnamed US government consultant told Mr Hersh.

With Mr Cheney's backing secured, "persuading [President] Bush was never a problem, and [Secretary of State] Condi Rice was on board," the source added.

Convergent interests

Israel's plan for an air war to turn the Lebanese people against Hezbollah was "the mirror image of what the United States has been planning for Iran," the article quotes an unnamed former senior intelligence official as saying.

Vice-President Dick Cheney listens to President Bush speak, 14 Aug 2006
The Israelis got Mr Cheney's backing first, the article says

And different US government departments which do not always see eye-to-eye all had their own reasons for backing an Israeli assault on Hezbollah, Mr Hersh claims.

The State Department reportedly saw it as "a way to strengthen the Lebanese government", which does not control the south of the country dominated by Hezbollah.

The White House wanted Hezbollah's missiles eliminated so they could not be used as retaliation against Israel in case the US bombed Iran's nuclear facilities, Mr Hersh says.

But both the Pentagon and the National Security Council deny that the US knew of Israel's plans in advance.

Meanwhile, an Israeli embassy spokesman said Israel "did not plan the campaign" to attack Hezbollah, adding: "The decision was forced on us."

Ward Carroll, a retired US Navy officer and editor Military.com, was sceptical of some of Mr Hersh's claims.

Israel would not have relied on any American intelligence or support in its campaign, he told the BBC.

"If the inference is that we are fundamentally interwoven [in the Israeli air campaign], that is a flawed thesis," Mr Carroll said.

He did not doubt that there had been communication between the US and Israel, but suggested Mr Hersh was reading too much into it.

"This would have been a courtesy brief [from Israel to the United States], and the Bush administration saying, 'We got the message.'"

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Hicks, Guantanamo and the Howard Government

David Hicks, good, bad or just plain stupid remains an Australian son. Democratic nations have a responsibility to protect their citizens in times of need; a number of democratic nations have already successfully repatriated their citizens from the illegal torture centre of Guantanamo Bay; however, after a period of four years the Howard government has been unable or unwilling to effect the repatriation of David Hicks. If a truly strong case against Hicks existed it surely would have been prosecuted to the full advantage of the terrorist scare campaign that Bush constantly wages on the American people. The fact that the USA is loath to give Hicks a fair and open trial, and in view of the obvious manipulative tactics utilised by corrupt U.S. ‘legal’ officers to delay proceedings, it would appear that the grounds upon which the U.S. military have based their ‘case’ are extremely flimsy and/or could attract litigation for illegal detention, torture and human rights abuses!

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Commentary :: Peace & War

The Price of Inaction

Consider the war in Lebanon a test scenario, a ‘dry run’ to test the international response to flagrant criminal actions. Now recall Russia’s failure to support Yugoslavia in the Balkans. Russia stalled and now Yugoslavia is no more, just a number of fragmented pseudo States overseen by NATO and the largest U.S. base of occupation in Europe, camp Bondsteel. It is well known today that the USA wouldn’t have dared if Russia had supported its traditional ally, but a drunken fool, Boris Yeltsin, was in command at the time, the rest is history.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

One Month in Lebanon

The war in Lebanon is one month and hundreds of innocent lives old; the international community is displaying all the coherence and cohesion it did in 1939 – déjà vu! The solution today is as it should have been then – stop the invader with a confederation of nations opposed to the war. It stops! Count the nations for war, two, against the war, the rest of the world!

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News :: Media

Jobs' Leopard Announcement Leaves Analysts Unimpressed

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs previewed the forthcoming version of Apple Computer's OS X operating system , nicknamed "Leopard," on Monday afternoon before a crowd of thousands of developers at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.
"There are some top secret features we're going to keep a little close to the vest," he said.
By Gene Koprowski

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News :: Indymedia

Online Gambling - Lowest Priority

Chimpy W. Bushitler's friend, Bill Frist, sticks it to the American people.

Senate Majority Leader Lists Online Gambling as His Lowest Priority this Fall

Listing the accomplishments of the Senate thus far this year, and the goals for the September session, before Congress adjourns in October to campaign for re-election, Sen.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), in a statement on the floor of the Senate, listed the bill that would prohibit online gambling as his lowest priority when the Senate returns from its four week August recess, effectively ending any chance of the bill becoming law this fall. By Gene Koprowski

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