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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Labor & Class : Protest Activity

Plea For Living Wage

Hundreds pack a Richmond church in an effort to get a living wage for city contract workers.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Vast DNA Bank Pits Policing Vs. Privacy: Data Stored on 3 Million Americans

Brimming with the genetic patterns of more than 3 million Americans, the nation's databank of DNA "fingerprints" is growing by more than 80,000 people every month, giving police an unprecedented crime-fighting tool but prompting warnings that the expansion threatens constitutional privacy protections.

With little public debate, state and federal rules for cataloging DNA have broadened in recent years to include not only violent felons, as was originally the case, but also perpetrators of minor crimes and even people who have been arrested but not convicted.

Now some in law enforcement are calling for a national registry of every American's DNA profile, against which police could instantly compare crime-scene specimens. Advocates say the system would dissuade many would-be criminals and help capture the rest.

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Commentary :: Globalization

Timor-Leste (Update)

America has been steadily reducing its active presence in the South Pacific over the past decade. Australia (the deputy sheriff) is expected to ‘step up to the plate’ and safeguard western interests in that region. Timor is the first test of deputy (dog) in the region and to date the deputy appears to be weakening at the knees.

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News :: Indymedia

Wireless World: PDAs reduce medical errors

Greedy capitalists make doctors richer with technology.
Medical errors are declining dramatically at hospitals and healthcare centers that are using sophisticated wireless technology to let physicians communicate with nurses and other medical practitioners, experts tell UPI's Wireless World.
A survey of 2,800 medical professionals conducted by Skyscape Inc., based in Marlborough, Mass., and provided to Wireless World indicates that handheld units, Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs and Smart Phones help increase the effectiveness of their patient care. By Gene Koprowski

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

Voices of a New Movimiento

Under cover of an oak tree on a tobacco farm deep in the heart of rural North Carolina, Leticia Zavala challenges the taller, older male migrant farm workers with talk of a boycott and legalización.

"We will not get anything without fighting for it," declares the intense 5-foot-1 organizer with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC).

The mainstream narrative of the movement emphasizes that single-minded immigrants want legalization--and how "angry Hispanics" and their Spanish-language radio DJ leaders mobilized in reaction to HR 4437 (better known as the Sensenbrenner immigration bill, which would criminalize the undocumented). But Zavala and other movimiento leaders across the country say that while it's true that the Sensenbrenner bill provided a spark, explaining this powerful movement of national and even global significance as a reaction to DJ-led calls to "marchar!" leaves many things--and people--out of the picture.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Chomsky on Just War

Spurred by these times of invasions and evasions, discussion of "just war" has had a renaissance among scholars and even among policy-makers.

Chomsky deconstructs the language and concepts behind the resurrgence in the use of the just war theory.

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Commentary :: Labor & Class

Estate Tax Repeal an Unfair Act

Once again the question of repealing the estate tax has come before the U.S. Senate. The House has already approved a permanent repeal, and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has promised a vote in June in the upper house.

Approval would abolish our nation's only tax on great accumulations of wealth.

The timing of this vote couldn't be more bizarre. Our nation is at war and faces a multitrillion-dollar national debt for decades to come. We are rebuilding our Gulf Coast after one of the worst natural disasters in modern memory. At the same time, our country is experiencing unprecedented levels of wealth inequality.

In this context, it is particularly unseemly and wrong to abolish the estate tax.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Immigration Rally on Saturday

A local Hispanic group is organizing an immigration rally Saturday, 3 pm, at Monroe Park in Richmond.

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