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Stop the Bombs Peace Walk Says Free Uncle Kevin !!

Walk updates and message - Uncle Kevin Buzzacott (Arabunna Elder and Peace Maker) had been arrested and imprisoned and we want him set free!
The walk which started at the Y-12 Complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee has now reached Northern Virginia. For further details please check the web site at stopthebombswalk.peacehq.com

Stop the Bombs Peace Walk Says Free Uncle Kevin !!

We are a group of International Walkers from Australia, Japan, Cape Verde, Austria and all over America. We are currently walking from the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to the United Nations (UN) in New York City, where the review meeting for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is being held throughout May. We will be joining hundreds of thousands of protesters and voicing our concerns to delegates about the ongoing violations of this international agreement. Despite 188 countries signing this treaty over the last 30 years, agreeing to disarm "at the earliest possible date" and not produce any further weapons, the nuclear industry is continuing to expand. In Australia and many other countries, indigenous people are still being dispossessed and their ancestral lands poisoned to obtain uranium needed to make atomic bombs and depleted uranium weaponry. This is radioactive genocide and we are incensed at the continual dispossession, intimidation and violence that is being perpetrated by the nuclear industry and complicit governments.

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott (Arabunna Elder and Peace Maker) has for many years been an inspiration to people all over the world. He is the recipient of the 'Nuclear Free Futures award' in 2001 for his resistance, strength and wisdom in fighting this insidious industry and upholding the rights of his People. Many of the walkers have a close relationship to him, as his actions and teachings have inspired and motivated non indigenous people to gain a greater understanding of Aboriginal connection to land and culture. He has reached out the hand of friendship, justice and peace to all people, and motivated thousands to take peaceful action and resistance not only against the nuclear industry but to stand up for indigenous rights and protect country all over the world. .

The latest arrest and imprisonment of this great man is a disgrace. Uncle Kevin had been recuperating at the Sacred Fire for Peace and Justice (which he lit in 1998) at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, when he was taken by 20 Federal Police. He was having a break from his Court Trial over the alleged theft of the Coat of Arms from Old Parliament House in 2001. (See www.aboriginalgenocide.com.au for more information). The ongoing court proceedings have been stressful and he had sought medical attention while resting. This is a typical display of cowardice and colonialism from the illegal Australian Government, which has recently (again) been berated for its continual abuse of human rights in relation to Aboriginal People in their own country by the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) at the United Nations. When it comes to human rights, Australia is the laughing stock of the whole world.

We demand the immediate release of Uncle Kevin from jail, and that his contempt of court charge for not appearing in court (due to illness) be dropped. There further must be a cessation of hostilities and harassment towards Uncle Kevin and his people, and the Black GST must be implemented.

GST = Genocide to be stopped, Sovereignty to be restored and Treaties to be made.

We will be expressing our outrage regarding this incident to all communities and Government officials we meet along the remainder of the Peace Walk and exposing the racism that is inherent in the Australian system. We strongly encourage you to email, fax, write letters to, call or visit Prime Minister John Howard, the Australian Federal Police or the Australian Embassy in your country expressing your concerns and requesting the immediate release of Uncle Kevin Buzzacott.

Stop the Bombs ! Stop the Genocide ! Release Kevin Buzzacott !

Stop the Bombs International Peace Walk
April 5th, 2005.

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