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Sinister VCU campus event: April 11

Monday, April 11, at an event at the VCU commons, a speaker will talk to an audience, about the ways in which "god's" love has turned him from a homosexual into a straight person. This ridiculous event must be squashed with numerous people in oposition to this unfounded and harmful idea that homosexuality is a behavioral problem and not a state of being.
The email below has more information about the event and a Christian group on campus that is endorsing it.

"The following email was sent out over the Reformed University Fellowship listserv. This is a Christian-identified group on VCU's Campus. This event on Monday, April 11 at 12PM in the Commons Theater is in essence a presentation by a notorious so-called "ex-gay" speaker who will presumably be giving a rather biased talk about Biblical references to homosexuality and how one can change sexual orientation.

Given the fact that nearly ALL major psychological and psychiatric groups agree that this is not possible as well as the fact that this event is the same week as Day of Silence, I would like to encourage as many of you who will be available to attend this event. This is an
extremely defamatory position and one that is not be taken lightly. We need to provide this "victims of misinformation" with the WHOLE
story about LGBTQ people. There will be a discussion afterward so plenty of time for LGBTQ people and our wonder straight allies to
voice their concerns and comments.

If you have any questions about the event itself you can reach me at queeraction (at) vcu.edu


President, Queer Action
RUF will have a major outreach event this coming Monday, April 11, at 12pm in the Commons Theater. It is entitled "Homosexuality & The Compassion of God". Free subs will be provided. The purpose of events like this is to reach out to students
and demonstrate to them how the gospel applies to the various issues of life. Barry, the speaker, is very good at speaking the truth of Scripture in a compassionate, gospel-centered way. When our
sin is exposed by Scripture and God's grace is extended to us in the gospel (as will happen in this event), God's Spirit works to save and
mature people in Christ.

I hope you are all able to attend. And I would love it, as this is an outreach event, if you would think about what friends, classmates, etc. you could invite. God will use this to grow
Hope to see you there!

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