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New film looking at capitalism made by socialists

This is to alert you to a new film – Capitalism and other Kids’ Stuff – that has recently been uploaded to the www and can be seen at www.socialist-tv.com , and which argues the anti-capitalist case in simple language.
The film, made by 4 members of The Socialist Party in the UK, is 49 minutes in duration and, beginning with a look at how we treat our children, explains in non-jargonised terms, the insanity of a system that places profit before human need. Please note, this is not some leftie Party political broadcast, just a sane look at an insane world that is very much crying out for real change, change that can only be brought about by a majority, acting in their own interests and without leaders.

(The Socialist Party was formed in 1904 and has not compromised its principles since its formation. It is a leaderless organisation that rejects reformism and has as its object the common ownership and democratic control of the world's natural and industrial resources by and in the interests of all people).

Comradely regards,

John Bissett

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