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Richmond IndyMedia Live! Every Tuesday, 12:30 - 1PM on 97.3 WRIR LP-FM, and streaming online from wrir.org!

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You are Indymedia!

Make the Richmond Independent Media Center everything you want it to be. Richmond Indymedia runs on people power – that means you! Awesome things are happening with our IMC, meaning that right now we need you more than ever. We’ve got a new space, a new site, a new design on the way, tons of breaking news every day, and ambitious goals we’re striving towards. And almost all of it hinges on you.

You need not be a computer geek to volunteer. Indymedia relies on all sorts of talents, none of which require long nights in front of a computer screen.
Got writing skills and an ear to the ground? Great, because we’ve got events galore in desperate need of coverage. Post articles to our newswire and get your pieces featured front and center page.

Like to throw a good party? Help us plan awesome fundraising events for things like visual and audio recording equipment, computer and technology upgrades, an indymedia video and print library, and even hopefully soon a print edition of Richmond Indymedia’s online publication.

Enjoy late nights at Kinko’s or jetting about town putting up flyers? Join the IMC’s street team and help us get the word out about all that is radical in the Richmond area.

And, of course: the more computer geeks, the better. Do you think cascading style sheets are the hottest thing ever? Do you dream in pixels? When you think of revolution, do you think of open source software? Join the ranks of our proud IMC techies and designers.

Add to indymedia efforts as much or as little as you like. Anything you can contribute in any amount – ideas, hours, etcetera – is one step further towards providing our community with independent, accurate, and passionate news.

Get involved today by emailing info (at) richmondindymedia.org, or calling (804) 355-5621.

You’ve also got a great opportunity every Monday at 7pm to meet and participate with the Richmond Indymedia collective. The first Monday of every month is extra special fun – join the Richmond Indymedia collective for its famously delicious potluck. All Indymedia meetings are held at Queer Paradise, 319 N. Adams in lovely Jackson Ward, just off of Broad Street in downtown Richmond.

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