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Radical Mental Health Workshop: Saturday, May 7th, 4:30

The following workshop has been rescheduled: There are ways to take charge of our own sanity. There are other maps than the ones we are handed by families, schools, telivisions, and doctors. Two members of the Icarus project will bring a workshop called "Walking the Edge of Insanity: Navigating the World of Mental Health as a Radical in the Twenty-First Century" to Richmond. The workshop will be on Saturday, May7th at 4:30 pm in the Paper Street infoshop, which is located at 2506 W. Cary St.
Radical Mental Health
Join members of the Icarus project for a workshop/discussion about radical approaches/issues in mental health. The Icarus project is a radical community based mental health project by and for people struggling with bipolar and related madness.

As radical, political activists and folks living on the fringes of the conventional social system, what does it mean within our extended anti-authoritarian community for someone to be "mentally-ill" or struggling with traditional labels such as "clinical depression", "bipolar disorder", or "schizophrenia"? How helpful is the modern psychiatric paradigm that revolves around medicine and psychotherapy and how much of it is really just a function of powerful pharmaceutical corporations, public funding cuts, and a society that equates productivity with mental health?

There are a lot of big gaping questions on our minds these days, like: what can we do for our friends in times of extreme crisis to keep them from either getting locked up or hurting themselves? How can we set up some kind of alternative support network for all of us who feel so alienated and distrustful of the mainstream? How do we figure out what's society's crap and what's our own, and when the lines are too hard to draw? If the language that we use to talk about mental illness in our culture doesn't capture what so many of us go through and leaves us feeling disempowered, how do we go about creating a new language that works for us?

Join Ashley McNamara and Timothy Kelly from the Icarus project on Saturday, May 7 at 4:30 pm to ruminate on being sustainably crazy in an unsustainably crazy world. Event is at the Paperstreet infoshop, 2506 W. Cary St.

If you plan on attending and have concerns about accessibility or childcare please contact Yvonne at ratsoup (at) hotmail.com by May 2.

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