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Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage - Call In Campaign

CALL Mayor Wilder's office at (804)646-7970,
and tell him that you support a "Living Wage," here in the City of Richmond!
Dear Citizen's,

Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage is a
grass-roots organization here in the City of Richmond helping people living and working for poverty wages to have a better quality of life. There are over 1400 homeless (including women and children), living in Richmond. The poverty rate for this city is 21% of the city's population. Richmond is the capitol of our great state of Virgina, and with all of the economic development that is going on in this city, it is unbelievable that most of the jobs that pay wages more than minimum wage, (5.15 per hour) are being farmed out to workers being brought into the city from other areas and other states.

The federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour has not been increased since 1997, however, the cost of living has increased ten-fold. RCLW is now lobbying the new city council, and the new mayor to increase the minimum wage here in Richmond to a "Living Wage," which statistics show would need to be $8.85/hr with health benefits and $10.55/hr without health benefits. We have waged a campaign on city government to increase our wages and help decrease poverty here in Richmond.

It does not take an act of Congress to increase the minimum wage!! 161 cities in the United States and several cities in Virginia, including Charlottesville and Alexandria have enacted a "Living Wage," and we can do it here!!

Please help us to help empower our fellow citizen's to "break the grip of poverty!" We ask that you contact Mayor Wilder's office at (804)646-7970, and tell him that you support a "Living Wage," here in the city of Richmond!

These are your tax dollars that are leaving Richmond and being spent elswhere! Let's
keep the people of Richmond working, and working for decent wages!! We thank you for your help and support, and please feel free to contact us at (804) 643-8634 or (804) 475-3926, or visit us at our office located at 700 Franklin Street (Pace Center) on the Monroe Park Campus of VCU, second floor, suite 203, M-F 12noon-5:00p.m.

Vincent Johnson
Lead Organizer

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