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Burned Qur'ans in Blacksburg

A bag of burned Qur'ans was found left at the local Islamic Center in Blacksburg, VA. To counter this hate, and show your support for diversity and equality...
The Qur'an. Source: www.inminds.co.uk
Before Saturday prayers, burnt copies of the Qur'an were left at the front door of the Islamic Center of Blacksburg, according to members of the Center.

According to Kevin Foust, of the Roanoke FBI office, the FBI is aiding local police. No decision has been made about whether the act was a hate crime.

It is important that our Muslim friends and neighbors know that this is not the prevailing sentiment in our community, so we've created an online petition, which I hope you will help me test out by signing. It is located at: www.robswebpages.com/petition/

Please forward this article to anyone else you think would be willing to sign it.

Read more about it at: www.roanoke.com/news/roanoke/25529.html

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