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Web Site Now Online: East Coast Convergence against Massey Energy and Mountaintop Removal during Mountain Justice Summer

On July 8th as the rulers of the eight most powerful nations meet in Scotland to decide our fates, communities around the world will take to the streets to fight back against the fossil fuels industry’s devastation of our Earth and its people.
No longer can we stand by as our air is polluted, our water poisoned, our mountains destroyed, and our communities terrorized by these careless corporate thugs.

On this day, in conjunction with Venezuelan communities fighting coal mines in their country, the people of Appalachia and folks from all across the east coast will descend on Richmond, VA to confront one of the most ruthless coal companies in the US, Massey Energy Co, which has been systematically destroying the mountains and people of Southern Appalachia through a form of mining called mountaintop removal (MTR).

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